Unfortunately these parts are no longer available in new and it will be necessary to find used parts in good condition to make your bike roll. We have some axes, screws, washers for the Shamann, Kern and Kern Lt. We advise not to re-solder the broken parts of Kern which could have risk of breakinge in an unpredictable way.

The original suppliers of the shock absorbers stopped production of these models and their spare parts. There is only one store that has still in stock until stocks run out: http://www.hubert-cycles.com/1126-amortisseur-vtt

We have some derailleur hanger and you will have to send us a picture of your frame and your broken derailleur hanger then we can find it. Otherwise an excellent site is available for the derailleur hanger: http://www.soshanger.com

We have all the derailleur hanger of our models in stock and your dealer store can order it.

You can bring your bike back to any SUNN dealer. If the failure is taken in warranty, the bicycle will be repaired free of charge.

The functionality is not activated on the website but the guarantee will well apply from the date of purchase. You must keep the proof of purchase (make a photocopy of the purchase ticket).