A brand is nothing without history and experience,

that is why we cultivate ours for more than 20 years.


The genesis: creation of MX France

Max COMMENCAL creates MX FRANCE, a small business in personal name and the first BMX will bear this name. It will only last a few months. Very quickly, the bikes will be called SUNN, a more "international" name, sun with 2 "n" for 2 times more sun!

MX France markets its BMX

1984 - Release of the BMX Elite and Mini SUNN. SUNN develops competitive BMXs, first for kids, a market that was abandoned at the time. BMX are first developed in steel with the CRMO, then SUNN will become precursor in manufacturing in aluminium frames.

The range is expanding

Release of BMX Junior Evolution and L, LX, GLX models.


BMX excel in competitions

Release of a BMX racing range with the SUNN Pro and SUNN Mini Pro CRMO


MX is the benchmark for BMX

The Expert, Superclass Alu, Pro cruiser and Zeronine joigned the BMX range.


MX France becomes SUNN SA

In the US, the first MTB's arrive but do not correspond to the image that Max COMMENCAL has about all ground. Instead of going on a road bike based with studded tires, SUNN develops MTBs on chassis that look more like big BMX. SUNN needs financing to develop the brand and calls on external investors. The affair in own name MX France becomes SUNN SA. Max COMMENCAL retains 35% of the capital and remains responsible of the brand.

Heyday of BMX, the beginning of MTB

SUNN becomes world champion in BMX with SUNN Chipie Team. In mountain biking, release of the first Radical, it makes happy the first riders on descents. Release of the Snowscoot in BMX.


Key Year

SUNN releases the 5003R which will remain for a long time as the mountain bikes reference. He was elected the same year MTB of the year by Vélo Vert magazine. Release of the 1003 range: SUNN releases a range of simple MTB, with a very well-designed geometry, in small diameter steel tubes.



François GACHET arrives as the "big brother" of the SUNN team. Launching of the Co-Factory project.

Team Sunn VTT expands

Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON arrives from BMX to VTT on a modified 6003 to be crowned shortly after world junior downhill mountain bike champion.

The Year of the World Junior Downhill Championship

It is also this year that other young BMX riders go to the mountain bike: Florent Poussin, Cédric Gracia, Carmine Falco with thier BMX's Style arrive downhill.


The year of the world title downhill mountain bike

François GACHET is going to win the final ranking of the same World Cup, and win the first title of senior world champion for France.

2nd world title for A-C Chausson

Anne Caroline CHAUSSON renews her world title in junior, second of a long series since she will remain undefeated in the world until the end of her career at SUNN in 98.

The range is expanded, awards fall

SUNN presents the Tox, 5000, Vertix, Revolt and Maxe. Eric Barone joined the SUNN team and became world champion MTB Master Descente. Released of the Radical Plus - DH.


The Revolt 2 is named MTB of the year, Eric BARONE exceeds 200Km/h (124mph) on his SUNN

Released of the first SUNN with full suspension, the Xchox. The Revolt 2 is voted MTB of the year. BMX released of the BMIX with its 26-inch wheels. Released of the road range.


Eric Baronne exceeds 200Km/h (124 mph) with his SUNN

Eric BARONE is the first man to reach the 200km/h (124 mph) with his SUNN MTB in Vars on the KL track. It will exceed 210km/h (130 mph) at Les Arcs in 1997.

Sunn world downhill champion

SUNN Team will have up to 24 professional riders in all categories. After many victories, Christophe Lévêque BMX SUNN rider leaves France for the US in order to confront the best world riders. He will lead SUNN's colors to the top step of the podium. SUNN is now also sold in the USA. SUNN releases the Riviera, a kit for street and dirt. SUNN is world downhill mountain biking champion. 1996, the year of the Teisseire Sunn Cup, first summer tour dedicated to MTB it was a great success for SUNN !


Creation of the SUNN Free Ride Team

A  free rider Team is formed with David LOMBARD and Mad Fred DANION. Nicolas Vouilloz a TEAM pilot takes SUNN on many podiums, winning more than 10 times the title of World Champion (Junior and Elite). His collaboration with SUNN does not stop on the track  but he develops new tests/processes  with the Engineering / Design Office to improve SUNN bikes.


Goodbye Max...

Departure of Max COMMENCAL.

SUNN is world MTB downhill champion for the second year

Christophe DUPOUEY is crowned in cross-country at the world championships in senior and Miguel MARTINEZ in hope category.

3rd downhill title

Release of the Palomino model 99. SUNN is the world champion of downhill mountain biking for the third consecutive year.


A complete range

2000/2001 : Released of the integrated mudguard to the diagonal tube which will become a trademark especially for cross-country MTB's. Release of the Revolt 2003. The Sunn range includes more than 40 bike models of all types: Racing, Road, BMX, MTB and Beach.



SUNN is experiencing difficulties and their shareholders are forced to liquidate the company. It's Patrick TANGUI, a Toulouse entrepreneur, who redeems the name and tries a new start. Unfortunately, he will not pass this challenge and will also be forced to give up in 2012.


The Renewal

Release of the new range which symbolizes the renewal of the brand. 3 new models dedicated to new disciplines such as the Drac for Street / Dirt with it's CrMo steel frame or the Forest Jump. This year marks the return of the Radical and the arrival of the Kern and Kern LT.


The year of KERN EXO and LT EVO

The Kern Exo was voted Mountain Bike of the Year and the Kern LT Evo was voted Enduro of the Year. The results of the SUNN Rider's Society team also help to put the brand back among the leaders.


New distribution

Release of Tzar, Shamann, Kern and Modular.


A New Start

Takeover of SUNN by the company MFC, Manufacture Française du Cycle (44 - Machecoul).


The Surprise

9 october 2014 => Presentation of the SUNN Bike Concept at Roc d'Azur 2014.


New 2016 SUNN Range


SUNN is back on podiums

SUNN BMX and ENDURO TEAMS continue to stand out in competitions with several podiums. Isabeau COURDURIER is vice-world champion at ENDURO WORLD SERIES.

Introduction of 2017 SUNN Range at ROC D'AZUR



The DUBAU family will participate in all the races of the World Cup. If the first objective will be to reach the top 10 World Cup permanently, the ranking of the prestigious Cup of France will not be left behind. VA ROULER!* (*GO RIDE !)

Isabeau COURDURIER EWS Vice World Champion

During the Finale Ligure, Isabeau Courdurier was under pressure from Katy Winton who had exactly the same number of points it in the standings. To finish the season in second place, the calculation was simple, she had to finish the race before her. This was done, Isabeau picked up a new second place with a lot of control, taking care to win the last special. She is again vice champion of the world of enduro.